Frequently Asked Questions...


Unless it states Bare Tent, your tent will include comfortable stretcher beds, foam mattresses and LED latern.


Bare Tent means the festival or event you are attending offers the option to book just the tent on its own.  You will have the option to add extra items ... such as, stretcher bed and mattress combo, sleeping bag with liner, chair etc. in the check out process.  

Bare Tent is a good option for those that have their own camping equipment, or are budget conscience. 


 Bonds are refunded on check out, if your tent is left tidy and all extra items returned.  You must go to the check out desk and notify the Rent a ...Tent staff that you wish to check out.  Bond refunds are only issued in person at the time of check out.


If all windows and flaps are closed, the tents will be waterproof in typical rain. However, in extreme weather conditions and unusually heavy rain condi ...tions, it cannot be guaranteed that the tents will remain 100% waterproof.


Yes, all tents are set up and ready prior to the festival start date.  


Each Festival has different rules regarding refunds, please read carefully the terms and conditions of the festival you wish to attend.


The location of the tents are estimates only, all care is taken to have the maps as accurate as possible, however, there may be last minute changes to the lo ...cation of each tent without notice.


Your extra items, bought or hired will be waiting for you to pick up when you check into your tent.


You will need to bring proof of your tent purchase, or a form of photo ID.