Rockynats 2021 - 2nd - 5th April

Dates:   Friday 2 April - Monday 5 April

Additional extras can be booked online with your reservation. *Pricing does not change if you are arriving after the check-in date.

Tent Types

  • Single/Twin Share Tent ($495)

    49 tents available
  • Three Share Tent ($795)

    50 tents available
  • Four Share Tent ($995)

    50 tents available

Add Extra Items:

The hire price for any of the items below is for the full period that
you have booked your tent.

  • Chair

    Strong, comfortable chair

    Price: $15

  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow Combo

    -5 Sleeping bag with liner and Tontine Pillow with cover

    Price: $30

  • 4ft Plastic Table

    4ft Plastic Table

    Price: $25

  • 42L Esky

    42LEsky, 70 can capacity with wheels

    Price: $30

  • Privacy Shade

    Add a little shade to your two or three man tent.

    Price: $25