About Us

Rent a Tent began its quest to ‘make camping easy’ many years ago when Grandad Norm decided to get into the canvas world during the Great Depression.  From Grandad the baton was passed to my dad and now myself.  We have all relentlessly pursued a world where Australians have access to high quality camping equipment at affordable prices, either for sale or to rent.  The business has grown and changed over the years, but our focus has remained the same, to make camping easy.  We specialise in renting commercial quantities of camping equipment.  We currently have the ability to house over 2000 people under canvas, or kit out over 1000 hikers for an overnight adventure.


We offer the largest stock of camping equipment for hire in Australia.  We have warehouses in Melbourne, Newcastle and Byron Bay, and can service most of the population of Australia from these locations. 


In our quest to make camping easy we still find time to care for the environment.  Our equipment is top quality and can therefore be used many times over before it is reborn.  Most of our equipment is given a second life, sold to individuals or groups.  Anything that is left is donated to various groups, including the Scouts, Outdoor Education Groups, Disaster Relief, Schools and Charities.




Our Team

Andrew Ellis – Managing Director

Leisele Ellis – Director Marketing

Mark Greensill – QLD Events Manager

Kyle Armstrong – Events Manager

Mateja Zalokar – Events Manager

Lawson Hull – Outdoor Adventure Hire Manager

Jerad Kew – Creative Consultant

Darryn Drury – IT Consultant